FS Navigation Map

FS Navigation map provides information about airports (with ILS) and navaids (VOR, NDB and fixes) around the world for use with Flight Simulators.

With the latest update, we have added functionality (in beta phase) to connect to the simulator and track the flight in real time. To use it, you'll need a plugin for your sim. Currently, plugins for FSX (regular and Steam Edition) and X-Plane are availabe on this page.

Please note that this app is not intended and must not be used for real flight navigation!

Get it from Google Play!


Important before using any plugin

  • This software is provided for free and witouth any kind of warranty. Use it at your own risk! We take no responsability if it causes any kind of problem to your system
  • FS Navigation Map and the plugins connect using port 27015. Ensure that this port is not blocked by your firewall

FSX plugin (new version. Updated 29/01/17)

Installation instructions:

  • Unzip all the contents of the zip file in some folder in your hard drive
  • Execute "ModuleInstaller.exe" to configure FSX to automatically start FS Navigation Map Module
  • Click here to download

How to use it:

  • Once you are ready to fly, click the "Start server" from the Addons/FS Navigation Map menu inside FSX
  • When the server is started, click the aircraft icon in the app and put the local IP address of the system where FSX is running

XPlane plugin (only 64 bits version). New version. Updated: 29/01/17

Installation instructions:

How to use it:

  • When X-Plane is open and you are ready to fly, click the aircraft icon in the app and put the local IP address of the system where X-Plane is running


If you find any bug or would you like to see some feature in the future, please drop us a line!